From an early stage in life there has been an awe & love for tarnished metals and all objects that develop a rich yet raw appearance with age.  

We believe in making you a unique piece that is timeless & ages beautifully. From this we feel the uttermost diligence to source the most beautiful leather possible from all corners of the globe. Most derive from highly respected tanneries in the USA, however others are picked because they possess certain characteristics such as the supple feel of our Tuscan leathers. Kangaroo hides are hand picked locally in Sydney from a small scale tannery. 

Over the last 3 years, I have acquired a collection of finely crafted, leather making tools that are used for all traditional techniques during the process of creating. From hand cutting and saddle stitching to finishing off a piece with edge/burnishing details, the finished product will always turn out slightly different to the last. This is the beauty & value in pieces made by hand. 

The care taken in the process allows us to trust in guaranteeing your piece for life. It will only get better with age!